Be With Us
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Be With Us

An Urban Foursome Love Story

Be With Us

Be With Us is my first ever completed novella length book, and it was an absolute joy to write. I love a good steamy novel, but it’s so important to me that what I write has real meaning. I want to feel a connection with the characters and to really feel what they’re feeling, and empathise with them as they progress through the story. I want them to have an incredible time. For them to feel loved, warm and cared for, and ultimately, for their fantasies to be fulfilled. More than anything though, I want it to be deeper for them than just sex.

With Emilia and Cassian, I wanted to write a couple who were already deeply in love, and for us to understand that and identify with it. Then I wanted them to take this idea of a fantasy, and run with it, without it being something that either of them see as a real threat to their relationship. I didn’t want them to feel as though they lacked something, I wanted them to want to grow and expand their hearts.

Then I wanted them to meet a couple who were just as in love with each other as they are, but to identify an unmistakable and undeniable connection between them that runs deeper than physical desire. I hope I achieved that in Amy and Mark.

Last of all, I wanted it all to be realistic, sweet, kind and very, very naughty. Be With Us isn’t about rushing to get to the rude bits. It’s about taking your time, building up trust and empathy and exploring something new together, culminating in a rewarding and very happy ending.

You can buy it right now or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited here:

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