Be With Us
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Be With Us

An Urban Foursome Love Story

Be With Us by Brianna Skylark

Book 1 of the Erotic Swingers series.


It started as a forbidden fantasy.
A wife’s desire to make love with another couple.
And for her husband to watch as she is left breathless and satiated by another man.


A loving spouse, his faithful wife; the girl of her dreams, and her alpha husband.


After an evening of passion and honesty, Emilia finds the courage to reveal her darkest and deepest fantasy to her husband… for them to make love with another couple and for him to watch as she is left breathless and satiated by another man.


But when they meet Amy and Mark at an exclusive and decadent Masquerade Ball, lust turns into infatuation and an unexpected crush creates heartache and jealously, complicating an exhilarating new friendship.


Will opening up their perfect marriage be a step too far? Or will it be a journey of sexual awakening that will transform their lives forever…


A heart isn’t a box you can fill up, it grows the more you love.




A novella length, sensual, romantic love story between two couples with loving and racy MF, FF, MFM and MFFM scenes.


This is first and foremost a slow-build romantic story about a loving and faithful husband and wife who take their fantasy out of the bedroom, and unexpectedly discover a much deeper and more powerful connection with another couple than they ever anticipated.


A sensual, romantic, caring, consenting, safe, naughty, taboo and ridiculously hot tale of a foursome. 


Brianna Skylark – Short, secret, sexy and sweet.