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Books by Brianna Skylark

Be With Us

It started as a secret fantasy, for them to make love with another couple and for him to watch as she is left breathless and satiated by another man.

Play With Us

Husband and wife, Emilia and Cassian have invited their new friends, Mark and Amy over for dinner and a night of fun and games… with a very naughty twist.

Come With Us

Emilia, Cassian, Amy and Mark are jetting off to the Mediterranean to spend a few days in a secluded villa on a sexy summer vacation, filled with with sun, sand, secrets and swinging.

Stay With Us

The story of the flirtatious foursome comes to a happy end in the final part of the erotic swingers series.

Discover how it ends and preorder it soon!


Elsie’s never been touched there before, until her husband Cole accidentally brushes against her forbidden innocence the night before their first wedding anniversary.


Snuggle in for a sizzling hot evening in front of a roaring fire with married couple Elsie and Cole… and their salacious best friend Alice. Preorder the sequel to Tushie now!


Cole has a secret fantasy. He wants his wife to be taken by another man. For her to be left shaking, breathless, ravished… and utterly and completely satisfied.


A chance encounter whilst ice skating on a frozen lake leads Elsie and Cole to an exciting new friendship with gorgeous married couple Tom and Anna.


It’s Elsie and Cole’s fifth anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than a get together… with all their friends at Penthouse Swingers Party.


Cole & Elsie need a holiday, but why stop there? Why not a second honeymoon? And why not invite a few special friends along for a little fun too?


Elsie’s always loved a good who-dunnit, so as a birthday treat, Cole has whisked them away for supernatural murder mystery weekend, with a sexy twist.


It’s Christmas Eve in the Winters household and Elsie, Cole and all their friends are taking part in a Secret Santa that none of them will ever forget.

Sweet and Discreet

Three clients, three very different encounters. Surely it’s only a matter of time before squeaky-clean Sophie gets down on her hands and knees… for some dirty fun.

Sparkle and Spice

A week ago Sophie was jobless, single and broke. Now she’s a naughty maid with a naked twist. With a little sparkle and a little spice, she’s gone from rags to riches overnight.

Squeaky and Clean

The adventures of Sophie the naked cleaner continue in the third part of the The Naughty Maid series. Join Sophie, Adrian, Chloe, Betsie, Jayden and Abbie as their lives become more and more crazy!

Naughty and Nice

The adventures of Sophie the naked cleaner conclude in the final part of the The Naughty Maid series. Catch up for one more adventure with Sophie, Adrian, Chloe, Betsie, Jayden and Abbie.

Baking Hot

It’s Christmas and married couple Mollie and Charlie are struggling to keep their little bakery open… until the talented Serena walks through their door and changes everything…

The Paramour

Snuggle into the candlelit past with Emilia as she reads The Paramour, an erotic Victorian romance of mystery, murder and intrigue set in the wet and wild highlands of Scotland.


A standalone story about the licentious Alice, set in the world of Be With Us. Join her as she embarks on a reverse harem sexual escapade filled with action and adventure.

Lovers Thrall

Aunt Petal is dead. Tessa should be sad, but she’s not quite sure who Aunt Petal is. Or was… In fact, she only discovered yesterday that she even had an Aunt Petal.


Brianna Skylark

BRIANNA SKYLARK is the pen name of a happily married, utterly insatiable, thirty-something mother of two living in a repressed little village on the south coast of England.


She’s the wife of a rugged archeologist and often likes to think she’s married to Indiana Jones. Over the years she’s experimented with various occupations including filmmaking, video game voiceover artist and climbing instructor, but her favourite job is her most recent one… steamy romance novelist.


She loves bringing sweet, strong, faithful and loving women to life through her books, and then introducing them to strong, kind and endearing alpha males (or sensual females) who satisfy their every desire in the bedroom and beyond.


When she’s not writing, she’s often found hiking or climbing in the far reaches of Scotland and Wales or exploring the woods and beaches near her home with the man of her dreams, and their two gorgeous children.

Latest Posts

Sun, sand, secrets and swinging! Emilia, Cassian, Mark and Amy are back in the latest chapter of the Be With Us series. I am so in love with these four. If there was someway to manifest the four of them and just spend the rest......

It was so exciting getting back to writing with Elsie and Cole again. I love them so much because they love each other so much. This series isn’t about new budding romance between two unlikely protagonists, it’s about a couple that already love each other,......

The sequel to Be With Us is OUT NOW! I so enjoyed writing this book and getting back in tune with Emilia, Cassian, Amy and Mark. I just adore them all and it’s so exciting reuniting them all again. This time, they’re all playing a......


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This story is a real breath of fresh air. This is super sexy erotica, and while it feels very character driven, there is still a laser focus on the sexual aspect, and every single scene is sexy as hell. Careful where you read this one, folks! I really can't say enough about this story. I loved every word of it, and I wish there were more stories like this one!


Review of Tushie from Amazon.com