Play With Us
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Play With Us

An Urban Foursome Game Night Fantasy

Play With Us by Brianna Skylark

Book 2 of the Erotic Swingers series


Roll the dice. Pick a card. Choose your fantasy.


Husband and wife, Emilia and Cassian have invited their new friends, Mark and Amy over for dinner and a night of fun and games… with a very naughty twist.


After their first foray into the world of swinging, Emilia and Cassian, and newlyweds Amy and Mark are eager to get back together to explore their blossoming friendship. So when Emilia suggests dinner at their house, followed by a few boardgames, Amy knows exactly the one she wants to play.


Four players. Adults only. No limits. You can never have too much fourplay.


Play With Us: An Urban Foursome Game Night Fantasy is the second book in the Be With Us series and is the sequel to Be With Us: An Urban Foursome Love Story, but can still be thoroughly enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.




A novella length story about two couples enjoying a naughty board game together during an exhilarating night of skin-tingling temptation, shameful confessions, lip-biting teasing and sensual love making.


This is first and foremost a safe story about two couples exploring one another as their relationship continues to develop and their connection deepens.


A sensual, romantic, caring, consenting, safe, naughty, taboo and ridiculously hot tale of a foursome game night.


Brianna Skylark – Short, secret, sexy and sweet.