Sharing Rose
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Sharing Rose

A Romantic Adventure Ménage

Sharing Rose

Having finished writing Be With Us, I wanted to write another novella length book about love and adventure in the outdoors. Being outside, hiking and camping are all activities that are close to my heart so I endeavoured to write an adventure which worked in scenes inspired by my own experiences. I love the Swiss Alps, the beauty of the place is humbling and awe inducing and so it seemed like a great opportunity to use my own first hand knowledge and memories to build the world in which Alex, Jacob and Rose inhabit.

As for the story, I wanted to explore that feeling that I think we all understand and have experienced at some stage in our youth, of young and desperate love. Those all encompassing emotions of lust and frustration, the need to be noticed and validated by your crush and the inevitable heart break that comes about through unrequited feelings.

But what if those feelings weren’t unrequited? What if they were just as strong for your crush as they were for you? But you never knew? And what if your crush was not just one, but two gorgeous and hunky men who’ve matured, grown and are still, to this day, lusting after you, years later? What if YOU were the one that got away?

I think we’d all love to feel that way, to be the one that got away, and to have the chance to come back and have our fantasies fulfilled. This book is about that wish. That nostalgic feeling of arousal, longing, love and lust when we think back to how the wonderful people around us made us feel back then.

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