Sharing Rose
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Sharing Rose

A Romantic Adventure Ménage

Sharing Rose by Brianna Skylark


Rose has always wanted them, but she could never have them. Not both of them… at the same time. It wouldn’t be right… it would be naughty.


Three friends; two men and one delicate Rose.


Jacob and Alex have known Rose for ten years, and they’ve loved her since the day they all met, but three years ago she ran away. Now she’s back and they’re not letting her go… even if it means having to share.


The boys are inseparable, and that’s exactly how Rose wants them. But after seven years being seen as nothing more than a friend, Rose couldn’t take it anymore and ran away.


When a wild camping adventure in the Alps brings them back together again three years later, Rose begins to wonder if her fantasy of the pair having their way with her could come true after all.


Or could the reunion reignite old rivalries, and drive them all apart for good? If it’s worth having… is it worth sharing?


Featuring awe inspiring mountain ranges, ice blue glacial lakes, stunning rainbow filled waterfalls, passionate wild camping, dangerous river crossings, skinny dipping in secret lagoons, deadly lightning storms, dark and revealing caves and the treacherous slopes of the Alps, and of course… a very, very naughty, ridiculously hot, romantic and sweet happily ever after between two rugged men and a very lucky girl.


A Rose between two thorns… beneath a blanket of stars.




A novella length (approximately 38,000 words) mountainous and romantic hiking adventure set in the Swiss Alps from the bestselling author of Be With Us. Sharing Rose has a long slow build-up, some mild peril, and a number of risqué and racy scenes, finally culminating in the long awaited fulfilment of everyone’s fantasy ménage.


Brianna Skylark – Short, secret, sexy and sweet.