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A Taboo Tale of Forbidden Love

Tushie by Brianna Skylark


At first the idea was naughty and rude, but the more Elsie thought about it, the more it became lip bitingly tempting, shamefully arousing and skin-tinglingly taboo.


Elsie’s never been touched there before… until her husband Cole accidentally brushes against her forbidden innocence the night before their first wedding anniversary. To her surprise, she loves it and now she wants more…


What starts as a taboo curiosity, quickly escalates into an overwhelming desire to push the conventional boundaries of their sex life, both in and out of the bedroom.


Elsie wants her husband to ravish her tushie, and she can’t wait to find out what it feels like…




First and foremost, this is a safe story, with the emphasis on a loving, respectful relationship between a husband and wife, as they become adventurous in the bedroom.


Join Elsie and Cole as they accidentally discover a new kink the night before their first wedding anniversary and excitedly consent to explore it together in a daring, sweet and romantic way.


A sensual, romantic, caring, consensual, safe, naughty, taboo and ridiculously hot tale of a husband and wife exploring each other’s boundaries and bodies, in and out of the bedroom.




This story is a real breath of fresh air. This is super sexy erotica, and while it feels very character driven, there is still a laser focus on the sexual aspect, and every single scene is sexy as hell. Careful where you read this one, folks! I really can’t say enough about this story. I loved every word of it, and I wish there were more stories like this one!


★★★★★ – Joshua, Amazon.com